Episode 22: Finale The kids of New Directions travel from Lima to New York City to compete in Nationals. While in the Big Apple, they take in all of the sights from Times Square to Broadway to Central Park.

Episode 21: : Funeral The glee kids continue to work on their Nationals set list, with help from Jessie St. James (Jonathan Groff). Meanwhile, one of McKinley's own is hit with an unexpected loss

Episode 20: Prom Queen Prom madness abounds and a king and queen are named amidst the return of Rachel's ex and Vocal Adrenaline superstar, Jesse St. James.

Episode 19: Rumors Sue begins to spread rumors throughout McKinley High by reviving the school newspaper. Meanwhile, April returns to invite Will on a road trip.

Episode 18: Born This Way Mr. Schuester teaches the glee club a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and embracing what makes you unique. Meanwhile, Lauren and Quinn go toe-to-toe for the prom queen crown, Ms. Pillsbury confronts her obsessive issues, Rachel struggles with a life-altering decision and Santana has something up her sleeve that could permanently alter the glee club dynamic.

Episode 17: A Night of Neglect Fresh off their Regionals' victory the Glee club focuses on their next challenge: winning Nationals. Meanwhile Sue gathers a team to destroy New Directions which involves Vocal Adrenaline.

Episode 16: Original Song With Sue Sylvester coaching Aural Intensity, Blaine and the Warblers’ dynamic set list and tough judges Tammy Jean Albertson and Sister Mary Constance, the kids of New Directions decide the only way to win Regionals is to write and perform their own original songs.personal life.

Episode 15: Sexy When free-spirited substitute teacher Holly Holliday fills in for the absent sex-education teacher, she joins forces with Mr. Schuester to teach the kids of New Directions the facts of life. Meanwhile, Emma heads up the Celibacy Club, and she and Dr. Carl address some issues in their personal life.

Episode 14: Blame It on the Alcohol At the school, Principal Figgins is worried about underage drinking and the glee club becomes involved in the program. However Coach Beiste and Will have some fun together.

Episode 13: Comeback Sue gets musical when she starts a tribute band. Meanwhile, Rachel wants to elevate her social status and gets help from an interesting source when Brittany comes to her rescue.

Episode 12 – Silly Love Songs
Love is in the air at McKinley High when the glee club sets up a kissing booth for Valentine's Day. Things don't go as planned, however, and hearts end up getting broken.

Episode 11 – Thriller Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste devise a plot to bring together the warring glee club and football team factions. Meanwhile, Sue, desperate to win cheerleading Nationals, launches a dangerous plan to bring home a trophy, and the kids of New Directions tackle Michael Jackson's iconic hit "Thriller".

Episode 10 – A Very Glee Christmas (Click Here) Finn tries to bring a little holiday cheer to McKinley High, and Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa. Meanwhile, the teachers pick their Secret Santas, and one manipulative coach rigs the gift-giving in her favor.

Episode 9 - Special Education (Click Here) New Directions heads to the big Sectionals competition to go head-to-head against the Warblers and the Hipsters. While trouble brews between some of the young couples, Emma and Carl grow closer.

Episode 8 - Furt (Click Here) Sue's mother comes to town after years away which causes some revelations in the Sylvester family.

Episode 7 - The Substitute
(Click Here) After Mr. Schuester gets sick, a substitute teacher takes over the Glee Club and becomes a new love interest and competition for Will.

Episode 6 - Never Been Kissed (Click Here) When Finn and Sam find an unconventional way of controlling their urges, other members of glee club also start to use the strategy.